7 Reasons and 7 Gates to Jerusalem

7 Reasons and 7 Gates to Jerusalem

The Seven Gates of Jerusalem hold the mystery and majesty of this ancient yet very modern city on the mountain. Behind each gate, a story, its secrets waiting for you to discover. Let us present seven compelling reasons why Jerusalem should be your next destination of choice.
autor iconBy Idele Ross , April 16, 2024

Iconic mix of ancient history and modernity

Photo: The Old City, courtesy of Bein HarimPhoto: The Old City, courtesy of Bein Harim

As ancient Jerusalem reveals itself to you, imagine networking with global leaders in a superbly designed 1,500-year-old citadel, attending a cocktail party in an underground quarry dating back to King Herod's time, or grabbing a beer at a farmers' market by day, bustling beer and bistro scene by night. 

Jerusalem offers this unique mix of modernity and history. Nowhere but Jerusalem does the spellbinding ancient history of a city seamlessly merge with the best features of modern life. One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem—along with its meticulously preserved archeological sites and artifacts—spans an impressive 3,000 years. Some of the city's most breathtaking historical sites and views can be transformed into unique venues that give conventions and conferences an exclusive and memorable added value.

Top academic institutions

Consistently ranked among the top universities worldwide, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's leading academic and research institution. Seven faculty and alums have been awarded Nobel Prizes in the last decade. The Hebrew University is consistently recognized for extraordinary achievements in agriculture, environmental quality, public health, science, and technology. 

It is ranked 12th worldwide in biotechnology patent filings and commercial development. In addition, the HU Medical School works closely with the top-ranked Hadassah Medical Center's two Jerusalem hospitals and medical research units. 
It is no wonder why this hub of world-class academic activity in the city draws such a high caliber of scientific, medical, and educational conferences every year.

Holy land high tech hub

Jerusalem continues to host some of the most prestigious international bioscience and medical conferences because of its reputation as ‘The Holy Land Hub’ of science—technology and startup ventures.

Time Magazine chose Jerusalem as the world’s leading emerging technological hub in 2015, and since then, the number of per-capita startups and venture capital investments has continued to grow. According to Startup Nation Central (SNC) data, there were hundreds of active companies in 2020, some of which have sold or exited in multimillion-dollar deals. 
In March of 2017, the Jerusalem-based Mobileye, the leader in developing technology for self-driving vehicles, was bought by Intel in a multibillion-dollar deal. However, most of the research and development remains in Jerusalem. 
Jerusalem is a global tech hub, and over 60 percent of the investments in the city come from companies that develop products or technologies using AI and machine learning.

Leading life science companies in Jerusalem include digital health, medical device development, and pharma. BioNTech, a Germany-based biotechnology company, has chosen Jerusalem as the site for its new facility to produce trial cancer vaccines. The new factory will employ between 200-300 people and is slated to open in 2025. 

And in jerusalem, visitors also (want to) have fun

Photo: Rooftop restaurantPhoto: Rooftop restaurant

Jerusalem’s after-hours scene rivals any city that draws millions of tourists annually. Year-round arts, films, literature, dance, and even puppet theater festivals draw residents and tourists alike. The city boasts over 50 museums and several new attractions, including the magnificent National Library, slated to open later this year, and the renovated Tower of David Citadel, which offers sunset walking tours of its walls and turrets.

Dining, from funky to fine, ethnic to eclectic, presents the visitor with rich and delicious choices, whether it’s a freshly baked pita filled with Middle Eastern spiced grilled meats and onions hot off the grill of a popular local eatery or an elegant rooftop dinner where the view of Jerusalem by night competes with the chef-inspired dinner set before you. 

The convenience of coming, staying and going

Photo: The Inbal HotelPhoto: The Inbal Hotel

Jerusalem is just 20 minutes by train from Ben Gurion International Airport and a short flight from most European cities. Israel’s most prominent international convention center is in Jerusalem. The city offers more than 15,500 hotel rooms with accommodations from budget to five-star deluxe, many of which are a walk or a brief taxi ride away from the center. 

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