Discover the Hidden Gems of Jerusalem

Discover the Hidden Gems of Jerusalem

Nestled amidst ancient stone and modern innovation, Jerusalem is a city that offers an extraordinary blend of history, culture, and unique experiences, making it an ideal destination not just for business but also for exploration and inspiration.
autor iconBy Yevgeny Tarabanov , April 17, 2024

While the city's reputation as a hub for conferences and corporate events is well-established, there is a captivating array of hidden gems waiting to be discovered by those willing to delve beyond the boardroom. From tucked-away artisan workshops in winding alleys to tranquil gardens offering respite from bustling city life, Jerusalem combines the old with the new, providing an enriching backdrop that can transform any business trip into an unforgettable journey.
As conference organizers and business professionals, the allure of Jerusalem extends far beyond its state-of-the-art facilities. The city invites you to immerse in experiences that foster team bonding, inspire creative thinking, and offer a much-needed balance to the rigors of business engagements. 

Mishkenot Sha'ananim and the Montefiore Windmill

Photo: DreamstimePhoto: Dreamstime

Mishkenot Sha'ananim was the first neighborhood built outside the Old City walls in the 19th century. A stroll through Mishkenot Sha'ananim offers a serene experience, blending unique Jerusalem architecture and tranquil gardens.

The Montefiore Windmill, a prominent neighborhood landmark designed for flour grinding, holds significant historical value. It symbolizes the transformation of ancient Jerusalem into the new, and the ambitious initiatives of Moshe Montefiore, a key figure in the history of Jewish philanthropy. A visit to this landmark is a journey through time, perfect for those keen on history and architecture.

The Montefiore Windmill complex is not just a historical site, but also a hub of entertainment. It houses the Jerusalem Wineries visitor center, a perfect fit in its enchanting and picturesque surroundings. Visitors can also indulge in a coffee and pastries truck, or savor a glass of fine wine at a stunning vantage point that offers a breathtaking view of the old city's walls. This diverse range of offerings makes it an ideal destination for group tours, enriching activities, or a day of exploration by yourself. 

The Farm in The Valley National Park

Photo: Kobi HaratiPhoto: Kobi Harati

Situated in the picturesque Ben Hinom Valley, just near Jerusalem's lively First Station Complex and the historic walls of the Old City, the farm offers a serene yet accessible escape ideal for groups looking to strengthen team bonds through shared experiences. This unique attraction isn't just a visual delight but a hands-on journey back in time to ancient farming practices.

Engage in team-building activities as you work outdoors, participating in traditional agricultural tasks aligned with the natural seasons. From grape harvesting to constructing eco-friendly farm structures and collecting honey, each activity is designed to foster collaboration and camaraderie. Surrounded by lush orchards, vibrant vegetable patches, and aromatic herb gardens, your group can unwind in tranquil shaded seating areas, perfect for thoughtful reflection or casual discussions.

This farm experience offers more than just a break from the typical conference room setting; it's an opportunity to connect with nature and each other meaningfully, making it an ideal choice for groups looking to enrich their team dynamics.

The Ben Hinom Valley Bridge

photo of The Ben Hinom Valley Bridge

The Ben Hinnom Valley Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Israel, stretching 202 meters, and connects the Ben Hinnom Gorge and Mount Zion.
Situated within the picturesque National Park enveloping the historic walls of Jerusalem, the bridge stands near the agricultural farm nestled in Ben Hinnom Valley. 

The bridge is conveniently located near the City of David, the First Station complex, and the Sultan's pool, enhancing its appeal as a central hub for exploration. Its strategic location offers visitors an unparalleled panorama of the surrounding landscapes. 

It is highly recommended that you combine the Bridge with the Farm in the Valley due to their geographic location and convenient placement. 

The Hebrew Music Museum

Photo courtesy of the Hebrew Music MuseumPhoto courtesy of the Hebrew Music Museum

In the heart of Jerusalem, in the picturesque music square (which inhibits various restaurants and live shows on the stage nearby) in the Nahalat Shiva neighborhood, a unique experience awaits you: The Hebrew Music Museum.
Embark on a journey through the rich history of Hebrew music at the museum, a unique attraction that resonates with music lovers worldwide. 

During your tour of the museum, you will embark on a musical journey that spans the globe: from Central Asia (Persia and the Caucasus) to the vibrant rhythms of Morocco and Andalusia, the soulful melodies of Africa (Ethiopia), the enchanting tunes of Yemen, the diverse sounds of European countries, the Balkans, Syria, Iraq, India, and beyond. There's even an entire exhibition space dedicated to the ancient music of the Levites! 

At the museum, you'll have the rare opportunity to encounter a vast collection of ancient musical instruments, including over 260 unique and breathtaking pieces from the Diaspora. The museum's displays are not just static exhibits but incorporate interactive multimedia games and cutting-edge technologies to enhance your musical experience.

The museum boasts an incredible auditorium designed in Moroccan tradition to accommodate 300 guests. The auditorium is perfect for conferences and business events as it emphasizes the museum's strengths and creates a unique atmosphere. 

The museum offers tour options combined with dinner at four different restaurants in the Music Square, where you can relax over lunch and enjoy live acoustic shows. 

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Friends of Zion Museum

Photo: Yossi ZamirPhoto: Yossi Zamir

The Friends of Zion Museum tells the story of the non-Jews, who believed in the biblical promise and the bond between the people of Israel and their land, and went above and beyond to help the Jewish people. The Museum's content is accessible to visitors by advanced means, with unique soundtracks specially designed for the museum and innovative presentation capabilities to give you an entirely new perspective on the Zionist story. 

The seven spaces of the museum retell the journey of the heroes. The museum offers a multi-sensory experience consisting of advanced screens, 3D technologies, and original soundtracks not found elsewhere. 

The Friends of Zion Museum offers a personalized setting for your organization's business events. From seminars and conferences to social gatherings and lectures, each occasion is thoughtfully tailored to meet your needs. The venue boasts adaptable classrooms and two halls, ensuring the flexibility to accommodate catering services according to your preferences.

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