Historical Venues Transform into Beautiful Event Spaces

Historical Venues Transform into Beautiful Event Spaces

Jerusalem consists of a tapestry of history, cultures, and stunning architectural marvels. Beyond their value as heritage sites, these historical landmarks hold the potential to create an unforgettable experience for social event gatherings.
autor iconBy Yevgeny Tarabanov , May 8, 2024

Each venue whispers tales of bygone eras, from ancient ruins to restored palaces, offering an unparalleled backdrop for corporate gatherings, conferences, and celebrations. Embracing the rich heritage of Jerusalem, companies can transcend the ordinary and immerse their guests in an unforgettable experience that will make any event memorable.

The Israel Museum

Photo by the Israel MuseumPhoto by the Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is the most significant cultural institution in the State of Israel. It is ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums, making it a perfect place to hold social events. Participants can enjoy tours of the museum's highlights, such as the Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest biblical manuscripts in the world. Adjacent to the Shrine is the Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period, which reconstructs the topography and architectural character of the city as it was before its destruction by the Romans in 66 CE, and provides historical context to the Shrine’s presentation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

After touring the museum, the participants can convene at the outdoor Billy Rose Art Garden, filled with works by modern masters, including Jacques Lipchitz, Henry Moore, Claes Oldenburg, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, and many more. 

Why choose the Israel Museum: 

  • The Museum’s celebrated Billy Rose Art Garden, displaying the evolution of the modern Western sculptural tradition, can accommodate outdoor events for up to 4,000 participants. 
  • The museum offers a unique cultural experience of art, history, and archeology, together with the most beautiful views of the city of Jerusalem.  

The Tower of David

Photo by: Danny MarxPhoto by: Danny Marx

The Tower of David, a 1,500-year-old citadel and Jerusalem landmark is the meeting point of ancient and modern, east and west, history and innovation, experience and creation. Located at the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City, the Tower of David resides within the ancient citadel, once the fortress defending the city. Today, it stands as one of Israel’s prominent cultural institutions and Jerusalem’s official museum, intertwining the historical narrative of Jerusalem with its significance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

The Tower also offers a wide balcony showcasing the city's extraordinary panoramic views, which are excellent for receptions. This is followed by an elegant dinner and a sound and light show projected onto the Old City walls.

Why choose the Tower of David:

  • Suitable for up to 700 participants
  • The upper balcony is suitable for welcome drinks, offering a 360-degree view of both the old city and the new modern city. 
  • The courtyard is the citadel's central and most stunning area, where you can hold a reception or gala dinner.

Zedekiah’s Cave

Photo: Shlomi MizrahiPhoto: Shlomi Mizrahi

How about an evening spent in a cave underneath the city? Zedekiah’s Cave is breathtaking in size, and beauty. It is an ancient quarry from which the stones were carved to build the First Temple. Many legends and traditions are linked with the cave’s name, including that its origin may be traced to the account of the escape of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah, from the Chaldeans who conquered Jerusalem through the cave. 

Today, unforgettable social events, concerts, gala events, and conferences are held there, giving the audience an unusual and exciting audio and visual experience telling the story of the cave.

Please note that the cave is an archeological site, therefore it is not fully accessible.

Why choose the Zedekiah’s Cave:

  • Suitable for up to 350 participants max., round tables up to 250 participants. 
  • The cave is the perfect venue for cocktail receptions. It offers natural air conditioning and a beautiful and mysterious space. 

The Davidson Center

Photo by the Davidson CenterPhoto by the Davidson Center

At the old city, just below the famous Western Wall, lies a spectacular archeological garden - The Davidson Center.

This magical garden combines the remains and buildings from different periods of Jerusalem. The Davidson Center contains treasures from the First and Second Temple periods and many other remains. Among the exciting finds at the site, you can see the city wall from the days of the First Temple, the stairs leading up to the Temple, the original street from the days of the Second Temple, the shops and mikvahs that served the Jews of Jerusalem and pilgrims thousands of years ago. 

Within the center, you will find a large and spacious outdoor garden, perfect for social events such as cocktails or gala dinners. 

Why choose the Davidson Center:

  • Suitable for up to 1,200 participants
  • This large outdoor space is located near the western wall and serves as a perfect venue for memorable social events.