Gazelle Valley Park

Gazelle Valley Park

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based on 6,129 traveler reviews
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Gazelle Valley Park, a sprawling 20-hectare oasis, provides visitors with a rare opportunity to encounter a herd of endangered Mountain Gazelles. This urban natural treasure offers a unique and serene experience, blending wildlife with city life.

The conditions in the park are very similar to the wild: The Gazelles huddle together when it's cold, tend their fawns, battle for territories, and mark them in various ways. The Gazelles share the park with dozens of species of birds, animals, insects, flowers, and plants, maintaining a natural, diverse ecosystem.

You can walk along the paths between the lake and ponds, orchards, observation points, and shady corners for sitting under the trees – a place to relax from the pace of the city within the town.
The park is open from morning till dusk. It is a public space with free entrance, so there is no need to coordinate arrival in advance.
During holidays, the Gazelle Valley offers a variety of activities for families free of charge. 

What can you find at the Gazelle Valley Park?

  • Seasonal blooms and shaded corners are suitable for picnics.
  • Observation decks that overlook the valley are suitable for group activities.
  • A large lake that attracts kingfishers, herons, swifts, and many other birds. You can borrow binoculars at the visitors' center.
  • An abundance of animals, including insects, reptiles, and birds.
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based on 6,129 traveler reviews
  • Mordechai Snider
    Mordechai Snider
    August 8, 2021

    We really enjoyed visiting this place even though it was a hot day. I recommend going early in the morning or as late as possible in the afternoon. We were able to see some small gazelles and lots of birds but in general...

  • Andrey Dobrikov
    Andrey Dobrikov
    October 26, 2019

    A place to stop everything you doing and just enjoy nature. Located in the middle of Jerusalem, free entrance, clean, silent, a place for whole family to visit. There are lots of places to sit and just observe the nature....

  • Alexander Zaidelson
    Alexander Zaidelson
    April 24, 2021

    A wonderful new park along the Rakafot river. Rich wildlife - gazelles running around, water fowl, frogs, fish, beautiful fruit plants and more. Amazing views. A great place to relax your eyes and your soul.

  • Julia Mor
    Julia Mor
    July 14, 2020

    *Edited 14.7.20 After taking a tour here, and learning about its origin and environmental impact, I changed my review from 4 to 5 stars* Picturesque urban nature park, full of cute sitting areas, ponds and gazelles! A lo...

  • ariel kotzer
    ariel kotzer
    June 19, 2021

    Take the kids to see the gazelles upclose. The younger animals were born into the park and are not human shy, so you can get some great photos. And there’s a large open air shaded deck with benches and puff pillows where...

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