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National Library of Israel

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Antique manuscripts; robots pulling books off shelves; an exciting, interactive display on a giant 65-ft. screen; ancient incantation bowls; enchanted items; rare recordings of cultural ceremonies. Would you ever believe you could find all this and much more at a library?

Inside the library's impressive new building, you can find the most significant cultural treasures of Israeli society and the Jewish People. Soon, you – curious people of all ages seeking a quality, content-rich, meaningful experience – will be able to see all these treasures up close.

You are invited to the National Library's brand-new home in Jerusalem, where you can enjoy thought-provoking tours, exhibitions, and activities that inspire your imagination and warm your heart.

The National Library, which has been functioning for over 120 years, holds around five million books and an innumerable amount of beautiful treasures, among them, ancient manuscripts, a unique collection of antique maps, books, magazines, posters, photographs, rare collections, including the most extensive and most important collection of Jewish and Israeli music in the world. 

The library is open to all and is a magnet for researchers and the curious, readers, youth, and teenagers, with every visit exposing a different attraction. 

The library invites you on a tour that will expose you to sections of its splendid collections. The skilled members of the library staff lead tours. Every guide comes from a different library department and brings fascinating stories of the treasures in the library. 

Following the tour, visitors are invited to return for a "visit" via the library website, which gives access to a large portion of the materials. 

The library also organizes various cultural events such as lectures, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, performances, and educational programs for children. The public is welcome to join the library mailing list to keep in touch after their visit and get periodic updates on the latest events. 

Tours may be booked in advance. 

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based on 257 traveler reviews
  • Reut Golinsky
    Reut Golinsky
    November 11, 2018

    Israel's best library, it has any book you can think of. The library is dedicated to collecting the cultural treasures of Israel and of Jewish heritage and it holds more than 5 million books! It was very touching for me t...

  • David Raviv
    David Raviv
    August 1, 2023

    A time travel to the 70's. The furniture is old and not maintained. Not comfortable to sit. Compared to Beit Ariela in Tel Aviv it seems we entered a different era in a distant location. You are not allowed to enter with...

  • omri shaltiel
    omri shaltiel
    October 17, 2017

    Nice place for studying. lots of study halls. A huge collection of rare books.

  • Georgia Gilbert Gladitz
    Georgia Gilbert Gladitz
    January 7, 2020

    It's an amazing library with an incredible range of books, manuscripts, and other artefacts not only about Jewish life and culture in Israel but the diaspora, as well as other communities within Israel who are not Jewish....

  • Yisrael Gale
    Yisrael Gale
    May 30, 2023

    The cafe inside the current (old) library location has re-opened under the auspices of a new vendor (Kashrut: Tsohar).

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