Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

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The Biblical Zoo has become Israel’s most visited attraction, thanks to its unique Jerusalem atmosphere and its zoological collection like no other in Israel.

Israel’s Most Visited Attraction

The zoo lies within a pastoral valley in southwestern Jerusalem and provides its resident animals with living conditions at international standards. At the zoo, you will find a variety of experiential activities for children and adults, alongside rich information on every one of the animals living there. 

The Biblical Zoo focuses on maintaining a zoological collection with good living conditions and developing and facilitating educational activities to bring the public closer to nature conservation and wildlife protection. The zoo promotes social involvement, conducts research, and participates in national and international projects of conservation, breeding, and returning animals to the wild. It does all this while creating a place for enriching leisure within an atmosphere that emphasizes the values of nature.

Get acquainted with animals. Enjoy a precious green space.

The Biblical Zoo spreads over 400 dunams of land and houses dozens of spectacular animal exhibits. They present nature’s biodiversity along with a system of pools, a manmade lake, whose water is purified and recycled, grassy areas, and plenty of shaded green spots. At the zoo, you will find an enchanting location for children, including a petting zoo and a living classroom, where you can encounter and get acquainted with various animals up close, as well as an ecological playground.

Special Tours

The zoo offers a variety of special tours throughout the year, including behind-the-scenes tours at various exhibits, an overnight tour, and personal guided tours for groups and individuals. Details and registration are available on the zoo’s website. To guarantee the visit, tickets must be ordered in advance through the zoo's homepage>>

Opening hours

The last entry is two hours before the zoo closes. 

Hours of Operation are subject to change, and confirming on the zoo website is recommended.

Ticket Prices

  • Adult 71 ILS
  • Senior citizen / soldier / police officer / student 54 ILS (with valid ID)
  • Child 54 ILS
  • A person with disabilities (adult/child) 35 ILS (with valid ID)
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based on 17,042 traveler reviews
  • Alex Drukpa.
    Alex Drukpa.
    August 15, 2023

    The Tisch Family Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, popularly known as the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, is a zoo located in the Malha neighborhood of Jerusalem. It is famous for its Afro-Asiatic collection of wildlife, many of which a...

  • Ines A.
    Ines A.
    August 27, 2023

    It is one of the best places to visit as a family or friends.. suitable for kids of all ages. It has all facilities needed, restrooms, setting space, play groud, snacks shops, and ice cream selling spots. The place is hu...

  • Estelí García
    Estelí García
    June 18, 2023

    Great zoo! Must visit if in Jerusalem with kids. It was my toddlers first visit to zoo and we all loved it and had a great day there. It took us around 4 hours to walk around it and we couldn’t even see it all. The small...

  • Sandra Billingham
    Sandra Billingham
    April 27, 2023

    What a fabulous place to find, right in the middle of Jerusalem. Wow. Such a lot to see. Stunning scenery and animals are obviously well looked after. It is a great place for families, and there is a train that takes you...

  • Vladimir Bezrukov
    Vladimir Bezrukov
    July 1, 2023

    We visited the Zoo park at the end of June. We saw a lot of animals so close, they are incteadible creatures. It was super hot weather between 11am - 2pm. After that, some cool wind arrived. For children and whole family...

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