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Sphera conference LTD
Sphera conference LTD

Sphera conference LTD

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO)
Sphera Conferences, with over 25 years of experience in the field of medical and scientific conferences, events, and tourism, we have accumulated extensive expertise.

We offer our clients a wide range of services, covering all their needs throughout the project process. We know how to find solutions tailored to your ever-changing needs and work efficiently and quickly in a dynamic and evolving environment.  Just as every person is unique, we believe that every conference, event, and experience is unique, even if it repeats itself, and it requires personal attention and dedication.

We believe that every participant , like every detail that enters the complexity of the project, deserves the utmost attention, understanding that success lies in the details and that's where the success of every project is hidden. So how does it work? Each project  is managed by a project manager who accompanies the project from start to finish, beyond responsibility for operations and activity, standing by your side throughout the journey and guiding you at every step.

We will provide with the best suppliers (at the best prices), ideas and creativity, hotels and venues, designs , food and beverages - all within the budget parameters.  And what does it include?

Conference Marketing:

Planning and printing informational flyers about the conference and their distribution

  • Newsletters, setting up a dedicated website
  • Requests for abstracts and production of abstract books
  • Registration Management
  • Billing and invoicing, reports: registration, finances, rooms, participation, and ongoing contact with registrants - participation confirmations and information

Conference Management:

  • Appropriate signage and branding - setting up registration desks
  • Registration staff, guidance, and notification
  • Participant folders, name tags, abstract collections
  • Organizer's office including: drinks, phone, fax, photocopying machine, etc.

Logistic with Professional Content:

  • Setting up suitable halls according to conference requirements
  • Technical support, transportation services, coordination, and exhibition setup

Tourism  Services:

  • Coffee breaks and cake, light meals,
  • Festive dinner and entertainment program
  • Special tours, and post-conference care, and more


Medical conference productions:

  • Production of business events - launches, galas, concerts
  • Promotional productions
  • Exhibition productions including building creative booths
  • Tourism - flights, hotels, special contents and organization of groups